I am currently an Assistant Professor in Neuroscience, Psychology & the Volen Center for Complex Systems at Brandeis University (Brandeis Life Science, Brandeis Psychology). Previously, I was a post-doctoral research fellow in the Center for Integrative Neuroscience and Department of Physiology at UCSF in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am also the winner of the 2013 Peter and Patricia Gruber International Research Award from the Society for Neuroscience (Gruber Foundation, SFN announcement, SFN award page). I did my graduate studies in the Computational Neurobiology program at University of California San Diego (UCSD) and Salk Institute, and finished up with a short stint as a postdoc in UC Berkeley. My undergraduate education was in Engineering Physics at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IIT).

My field of research is Systems Neuroscience, and my primary interests are in investigating the neural basis of cognition and behavior. I am especially interested in learning and memory-guided decision making. Currently, a major focus of my lab is studying the interactions of the hippocampus with pre-frontal cortex. Please see my Research page for more information on my current research. For my post-doctoral work in Loren Frank's lab at UCSF, I studied how memories are stored and represented in the hippocampus. For my graduate work, I studied sensory coding and plasticity in the rat vibrissa system in Dan Feldman's lab at UCSD and later at UC Berkeley. Specifically, I investigated representation of sensory stimuli and mechanisms of plasticity in the somatosensory system using a combination of behavioral, electrophysiological and computational techniques.

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